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In the year of 2010, Facebook reached a milestone where the number of users crossed about 400 million users. One of them is the big tycoon called the Big Four accounting firm E&Y, it has a page of its own since the year of 2006. The main idea of the company was to reach out to their new employees in such a way that is relevant to the day-to-day activity. If you take a look at the recent Facebook page of E&Y, you will realize that the company is focusing on the values of the company and is also trying to develop its resources for the employees. The company is highly committed to social responsibility and wants to include everything. The company makes everything user friendly, you can also communicate with the company by writing your reviews and comment on the message board. Interns and employees talk about their amazing relationship with the company through social media.

The method of using the social networking websites to get a steady source of employees is not approved everywhere. Some has to say that it’s becoming problematic because the population there is very limited and highly critical. However, as years pass by the diversity should increase and also the sourcing of employees might also increase. This way the company might also use this method to do a background check of the candidate, however they have not made any promise of looking into the Facebook pages of their employees.

Discussion questions

  1. List the advantages and disadvantages of using social media pages for the recruitment process of and employee and also for the company.
  2. Do you think using the pages of Facebook to hire cleverer lawsuit is a good decision?
  3. Check out the page of Ernest & Young on Facebook and write your comments on it. Do you think it’s a cool way to recruit new employees? Justify with reason.


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