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How to Provide Employees with Proper Training and Orientation? 

The industry should learn to work like the Miami International Airport, because the airport recently started a training where the employees have to go through a training where they will learn to master the customer service program and they are also being given tourism training.

After the recruitment process is over, they should be given proper training in order to do the correct job successfully. However, performing properly at your job requires much more than just certain skills, they should know the culture and should be trained to give knowledge that the work must be consistent and should fulfill the motto of the organization they are working for.

Orientation program

When you took your first step in your college, the very first thing you were being made to understand is the goal of this organization. All the students are made to attend the orientation program. It goes for those doing their job as well. During the orientation, the employees are given introduction to the job as well as the organization.

If you see the broad picture, there are two kinds of orientation program. First is the ‘work unit orientation’ in this, the motive is to acquaint the employees with the goal or motive of the work unit they will be working for, it helps to clarify all their doubts regarding their job and also lets them know what their contribution should be towards this work unit, to some extent it also introduces the employee with other co­-workers. Second kind of orientation is called the ‘Organization orientation’ in this kind, the workers are made aware of the entire company’s goal and the goal of any particular work unit. The history of this company is revealed and all the rules and regulations, work ethics are completely made clear to the employees.

There are few companies or organizations that depend on formal orientations; however some companies solely depend on informal way. Informal way works much well because the employee gets to know about the work cycle better and also meets new people in a friendlier manner. Moreover, managers should discuss their obligations in a friendlier manner as it is good for both the organizations as well as the employee. Therefore, a friendlier orientation is more likely to bring success and decrease the rate of poor performance from their employees; it is basically in the best interest of the manager as well as the employee.

Training of employees

If proper training is not imparted to the employees then bad result is bound to happen. For example, nearly three quarters of airplane accidents are caused due to the errors caused by pilots and most of those errors occur because, they are not given proper training. Thus, these errors can be reduced significantly if people realize the importance of training. For instance the amazing landing of the ‘US Airways Flight 1549’ on the Hudson River in the year of 2009 was due to the perfect training which was imparted to him. Any organization be it restaurant or any multi-national company, the employees should be given proper training.

Therefore, in a nutshell the training program is one of the most important activities within the HRM. The specific skills need to be imparted to the employees. It has been estimated that the business firms of the US spends up to $52.2 million per year only for employee training. However, it is the job of the managers to decide what kind of training should be imparted and when it should be given and in what form.

Different kinds of training

There are several types are training which are imparted to the employees some of them are supervisory skills, management compliance information, customer service training and much more. The trainers focus on a few important and core areas such as the communication skill, conflict resolution department, customer service, team building and many more, these are a few of the most important area where the employee should be trained properly. These criteria form the base of every organization, without proper communication and customer service, the organization will not hold up for long. The ‘Vancouver­ based Pizza International’ had to say that their employees are well equipped with the Boston Pizza concept, however they lack in their soft skills. Therefore, to enhance their soft skills they had introduced the Boston Pizza College where they were imparted training. For companies like Inc., Cannon it’s the repairing skills that matters the most.

How to Provide Employees with Proper Training and Orientation? 9Methods of training

There are several kinds of training and it can be imparted in several ways. It can be done in both traditional as well as modern way. However, as days pass by many organizations are depending on the technologically based method of training because it is just so much better and can be done easily. Out of all the training methods available researchers believe that the companies are relying more on the application of e­-learning, it helps to develop the skills of employees easily and also deliver several important information that was not possible if the same was done with traditional method.

How to Provide Employees with Proper Training and Orientation? 10


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