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The Worst Part of My Job

Owning any business in operated 360 days each year says that you are “on call” each day. Though I work for only 2 hours each weekends but I have to be ready for any call during any time during the day or may be at night. Problems include one delivery van broke, card machines getting stopped or any other insane problem. I am the one to look over everything. So I all time carry with me my work schedule in case any emergency takes place and if I need a replacement.

As hotel workers are always paid a bit less than workers of other businesses. The turnover may be high. You will always have to give efforts to find out proper workers with best combinations of personality, hard work and brains.

A manager’s dilemma

This is extremely simple but a real work changing concept. When a pair of shoe is sold to a customer, immediately a pair is given or donated to the child who is in need of those. This is the business concept followed by the TOMS Shoes. In 2006 during his tour to Argentina being a contestant in the famous reality show of CBS, the founder of the company saw many kids without shoes on their feets; they were all suffering from various feet injuries. Just imagine how painful will it be to have no shoes on your feet, not by their choice but due to poverty. They were not able enough to just buy a pair of shoes. At this incident he became extremely moved and he thought of helping these poor kids by providing them shoes. He then mixed charity with business for a better tomorrow of the poor. The name TOMS actually meant a more good tomorrow and this is how Blake took an initiative to make a better tomorrow of these poor kids.

These shoe donations made the TOMS brand more popular. This brand is popular among teens, tweens and twenty-some things. In the year 2010 an approximate of 400000 shoes has been donated to these children. This is a wonder. How can he balance between donating and running the profits at the same time?

What would you do?

Taking decisions on how a company can be socially responsible is just one complicated issues that managers like Blake have to cope up with while they plan, lead, organize and control the business. As the mangers are the one who manages, these issues influence their actions.


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