Finance Book Topics


Introduction – Introduction to Accounting

Preparation of Final Accounts

Fund Flow Statement

Cash Flow Statement

Ratio Analysis

Fixed Assets and Depredation

Cost Accounting

Job Costing

Process Costing

Activity Based Costing

Inventory Pricing and Valuation

Standard Costing

Management Accounting

Marginal Costing

Relevant Cost for Decision Making

Budget and Budgetary Control

Inflation Accounting

Responsibility Accounting

Financial Management


Cost of Capital

Capital Structure

Working Capital

Capital Budgeting

  1. Concept of capital expenditure
  2. Procedure for calculation
  3. Capital rationing
  4. Test question of capital budgeting

Chapter 1: Introduction to Operations Research

Limitations of Operations Research

  1. Limitations of operations research
  2. Transportation models
  3. Capital budgeting models
  4. Blending models
  5. Tipson formulating linear programming models
  6. Graphical solutions

Chapter 2: Linear Programming – II

CHAPTER 3:  Learning Objectives

Chapter 4: Linear Programming – III

Chapter 5: The Transportation Problems

Chapter 6:  Assignment Model


Minimization problems

Unbalanced problems

The travelling salesman problem

Chapter 7: The Sequencing Problems

Sequencing problem as assignment problem

Chapter 8: Replacement theory

Chapter 9: Waiting line (queuing) theory

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