Learning Objectives

  1. Knowing the different types of assignment problems and the use of assignment models in industry and business.
  2. How to formulate an assignment problem
  3. To understand the methods of solving different assignment problems
  4. Use of Hungarian Method
  5. How to solve Unbalanced Problems
  6. To understand the solving of maximization assignment problem
  7. Understand the types of assignment problems
  8. To explain the problem with illustration travelling salesman problems

Chapter Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. What are Assignment Models?
  3. Formulation of the general assignment models
  4. Different methods to solve assignment problems
  5. HAM (Hungaracticrian Assignment Method)
  6. Pal steps involved in the solving of problems
  7. Unbalanced assignment problems
  8. Formulating the solution of travelling salesman problems
  9. Review and Discussion Questions


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