The duality in Linear Programming defines that each and every linear programming problem (LPP) comes along with along LPP which is exactly related to each other and so can be easily derived. The original LPP is stated as “Primal”, but in case of derived linear problem it is termed as “Dual.”

While taking the initiative to solve duality, it is necessary that original linear programming problem should be formulated in standard form.

While explaining standard form, it is defined as all variable available in problem should be referred as non-negative and it is symbolized in “≥,” ”≤” which is usually used in case of minimization and maximization respectively.

Various aspects of such property

There are different aspects that you would learn such as:

  • In case primal comes with large number of constraints and there are small variable, then computation can certainly be reduced by simply converting problems to dual and finally solving it.
  • Duality when it comes to linear programming comes up with effective consequences that can put can impact on economic nature. This can finally enable managers to answer different questions related to various course of action and relative values.


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