Learning Objectives and Chapter Outline

  1. Operation Research: study subject as per its history.
  2. Understanding the basics of Operation Research, Operation Management, Production Management and Systems Management.
  3. Operation Research as an important decision-making tool and its use in various fields.
  4. Conceptualising mathematical modelling and developing a model.
  5. Understanding the application of Operation Research and the various steps associated with it.
  6. Categorising Operation Research techniques.
  7. Various limitations in the utilisation of Operation Research.
  8. Co-relationship between Management and Operation Research.

Chapter Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Management Systems
  3. Important features of Operation Research
  4. Types of Operation Research Models
  5. Methodology of Operation Research
  6. Tools of Operation Research
  7. Limitations of Operation Research
  8. Some applications of Linear Programming
  9. Review and Discussion Questions

Learning objectives 1

Learning objectives 2

Learning objectives 3


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