Performing Optimality Test

The reason to perform the optimality test is to check the feasible solution. We have already learnt in the previous sections about the feasible solution. So, therefore, to check if the feasible solution works or not this optimality test is being performed. Optimality tests can be conducted only on the following feasible solutions:

If the number of allocations is m + n – 1, wherethe m = number of rows and n = some columns.

So here in the given problem m = 3 and n = 2. Therefore putting the formula we find the number of allocations which is 4. Hence optimality test can be applied as all the allocations are independent of each other.

We can use this optimality test of the feasible solution by directly examining the empty cells and find out if any allocations in the cell can reduce the total transportation cost. Therefore now this can be easily done by following the two methods.


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