Before a student is made to understand details associated with the queuing theory, it is imperative that the objectives of learning this theory are placed before him in the correct manner. It is only when these objectives are clear before him can the subject be understood in a better manner.

  • One needs to appreciate cases where queuing problems occur.
  • One needs to set objectives for this problem of queuing.
  • It is important that standard queuing problems are understood.
  • Also it is important to understand operating characteristics of queuing.
  • The primary aim of learning this is to solve queuing problems in a singular as well as multiple channel situations.
  • Also, it is important to understand positive and negative aspects of queuing systems.

So, these are the primary objectives that are to be managed while ensuring that a student gets correct knowledge of the subject.

Chapter Outline:

These are the primary chapters that need to be studies.

  1. Introducing queuing theory
  2. Models and objectives of this theory
  3. Advantages and limitations of queuing theory
  4. Various terms and notations used
  5. Single channel queuing model
  6. Review and discussion queries


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