Like every theory that is specifically dependent on usage in such a practical field, this queuing theory too has certain limits which need to be adhered to.

In spite of providing a scientific understanding of facts, in certain areas it does fall short of living up to expectations.

Problem 1: Since most of the practical examples that require usage of this theory is complex, hence actual usage of this theory has certain uncertainties in its placement.

Problem 2: Those mathematical values that we take into consideration such as arrival and service rates, time gap within these rates and number of consumers associated with each of these queues waiting to be served is all an assumption. Hence, getting actual values is next to impossible and it is all an approximation.

Problem 3:Since this mode does not give adequate explanation, there are other modes as Monte-Carlo simulation that needs to be taken into consideration.

Problem 4: It is depending on type of customer that single or multi-channel queues are framed. It may so happen that a customer after being served by a single queue my join another queue for getting service of a different kind. Though services are different yet it the repetition of same customer that makes determination of a specific value problematic.

With these backlogs using this method on an extensive level becomes quite problematic.


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