In present times, there has been more than a single instance where queuing theory has been used. Given its usability in a number of areas, this mode has become increasingly popular and therefore it is techniques of this theory that can help in determining the number and types of service facilities that are to be provided.

Areas of application of queuing problems:

These are certain areas where these queuing problem techniques can be used and problems can be solved in a specific manner.

  • Preparing and despatching of war materials in regards to certain operational needs.
  • Programming of used engines and other associated machinery as aircrafts and transport fleet.
  • Scheduling fleet of limited numbers to a large number of users.
  • Planning and programming of parts to different assembly lines in a production system.
  • Programming of landing and take-off from airports with limited facilities and heavy traffic duties.
  • In case of a repairing workshop services are scheduled with help of this.
  • Placement of work-stations and performing a variety of functions in regards to mass production of goods and services.

With respect to these areas, queuing problems can be solved and certain specific benefits can also be derived.

Benefits associated with Queuing theory:

  • With help of this theory complete details can be obtained regarding setting up workstations, requirement of manpower and number of people who would visit that domain. However, all these details are based on the concept of probability.
  • With help of this theory, a scientific acknowledgement of the problem can be developed which would further help in making optimal usage of facilities that are available thereby reducing the total waiting time.

Hence, with these set of benefits available, problems associated with these areas can be easily sorted and waiting time limit can be reduced considerably.


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