Since queuing is one system that can be understood and used in a number of ways, so there are multiple models that are associated with this system. In case of application of any model, there are two parameters that need to be taken into consideration i.e. Arrival rate and Service rate.

Here are 3 of the top models that can best explain this system in an ideal manner:

  1. Probabilistic Model:

Based on the mathematics of probability, in this case both the parameters that are arrival rate and service rate are unknown and any random number is assumed.

  1. Deterministic Model:

Through not a practical model to be used in regular life, in this case, both parameters, as arrival and service rate are known.

  1. Mixed Model:

In this case one parameter is known while the other is not.

With help of these 3 models, this system can be bets applied in real life scenarios.


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