1. What do you understand by marginal costing?
  2. What is the difference between marginal costing and marginal cost?
  3. What are the positives of using marginal costing techniques?
  4. What are the negatives associated with marginal costing?
  5. What are the features associated with marginal costing?
  6. How can contribution be defined? How does it help in solving management related issues?
  7. What does P/V ratio signify?
  8. What is absorption costing?
  9. What is angle of incidence in a financial domain?
  10. How is cost-volume profit analysis defined?
  11. What is break-even point?
  12. What are the advantages and limits of break-even analysis?
  13. Discuss how marginal costing is helpful for managerial problem solving?
  14. How is cost-volume profit relation important in present managerial decisions?
  15. What is margin of safety and how is it calculated?

Test Questions of Marginal Costing 1Test Questions of Marginal Costing 2
Test Questions of Marginal Costing 3

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