In case of reduction/ service system, there are certain guidelines which need to be followed. These rules are-

  1. First Come First Serve (FCFS)

This system of first come, first serve is followed for avoiding any unwanted arguments at controversies which can be avoided.

  1. Least Slack Rules (LS)

Slack time denotes a variation between the time duration which is left till the next task is due and the duration of the specific operation time. Top priority is given to waiting jobs that have the least slack time.

  1. Earliest Due Date (EDD)

Here chief priority is allotted to a waiting job which has got its due date at the earliest time. This arrangement of job arrival and the process time required in it is not taken into consideration.

  1. Average Earliness of Jobs

When a particular task is accomplished before its due date, it gets a negative value of lateness. The magnitude referred is the earliness of that particular job. Average earliness of the job is the summation of total job earliness which is divided by the entire number of jobs in an organization.

  1. Average number of jobs in the system

The total number of jobs which are being processed or left in a system right from its commencement of the sequence through time till the last task is achieved, is known as the average number of jobs in that system.

  1. Number of tardy jobs

Jobs which are accomplished after their due date are known as the number of tardy jobs.

  1. Average job lateness

It is the variation between the real completion time of a particular task and its deadline. This is a process involving a summation of total lateness of all tasks which get divided by the number of jobs in that system.


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