Preface to Sequencing Problems

Utilizing its productive systems efficiently and effectively is an aim perceived by every business organization. Companies even aspire to have profit maximization to meet up to the delivery deadlines of their customers.

There are several jobs where one needs to perform various operations with the availability of a limited number of resources in terms of its plant, equipment and other technology on which the company needs to perform the jobs. Thus, it is obligatory that the company utilizes its available resources optimally. For best possible utilization, they need to be loaded, scheduled and accurately sequenced.

Meaning of Sequencing

If defined in simple terms, ‘sequence’ is the arrangement in which various tasks are performed by an individual or organization. However, once there are choices regarding the various orders in which jobs can be performed; there arises the problem of sequencing.

Sequencing problems are encountered in situations like-

  • Overhauling of machines or aircraft engines
  • Accountholders in a bank
  • Manufacturing units of any organization
  • Maintenance schedule of a large number of machines which are used in any plant
  • Customers in a garage during car servicing

Concept of Sequencing

The theory of sequencing problems was developed to effectively solve tough problems where limited number of resources needs to be used in optimum manner. This leads to a situation where the company gets best production with the lowest costs. Thus, the concept of sequencing is that available resources need to be utilized in such a way that there occurs minimization of cost within a stipulated time period.


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