Sequencing problems can be classified as follows-

  • Two jobs ‘m’ machine case
  • ‘n’ jobs one machine case
  • ‘n’ jobs ‘m’ machine case
  • ‘n’ jobs two machine case

Solutions of these sequencing problems depend on a number of factors like-

  1. Number of machines which are there in that particular machine shop.
  2. Number of jobs which are scheduled.
  3. Whether this manufacturing facility type is fast shop or slow shop.
  4. The specific criteria based on which the scheduling alternatives are assessed.
  5. Whether the jobs arrive on static or dynamic manner at the facility.

With every increase in the number of machines (m) and the number of tasks (n), these sequencing problems get tougher. In reality, no most advantageous solutions exist in real for sequencing problems having larger ‘m’ and ‘n’. Thus, for effective scheduling problems, it is simulation technique which proves to be the most efficient solution.


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