The system of a number of tasks being performed on one facility has become very common in real life situations nowadays. Some cases which can be solved by this method are-

  • Number of buses which are serviced in a bus servicing center
  • Number of patients a doctor treats in a day
  • Engines to be overhauled in a workshop
  • Number of tasks which a machine needs to perform in a day

While it’s true that the ‘first come, first serve’ principle applies in each of these situations to give satisfaction and solace to customers, this isn’t the right consideration. There are possibilities that better favorable results are achieved through efficiency and usefulness. In such a case, one needs to apply some assumptions.

These presumptions are as follows-

  • The particular task shop is static in nature
  • The processing time of this particular task is known.

The assumption of a particular job shop being static indicates that new tasks do not have any impact on the processing of this number of tasks which are ready to be processed. It is even assumed that those newer tasks can wait till the next batch for attending to it.


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