Objectives of a Budgeting System

  • Determining specific goals of an organization
  • Reducing the overall costs and minimizing wastes.
  • Centralizing the control system of their company.
  • Having long-term and short-term targets for achieving the pre-determined goals of an organization.
  • Taking necessary actions to make derivations accurate as per established standards.
  • Ensuring that enough working capital is available with the firm.
  • Maximizing profits by eliminating wastes.
  • After detecting the area where necessary actions are required, those problems should be solved without any postponement.
  • Fixing responsibilities in various divisions of an organization.
  • Determining and controlling the income and expenditure of a company.
  • Installing Budgetary Control.

Effective Budgetary Control System: Steps

The steps to have successful implementation of budgetary control are-

  1. Organizational Structure

It is very important that a company has a well charted organization structure for effective budgetary control. A sound structure helps in assessing the responsibilities and authorities of its employees. Further, this even ensures that no conflict arises among the employees in regard to their work.

  1. Objectives

Before framing a budget, it is important that the targets of a certain period are set from before. Once these are laid down, it gets easier to achieve it through budgetary control system.

  1. Budget Centre

It is that part of a company for which the budget is made. It consists of the overall operation expenses of a company for having an effective control over costs. This centre can be either a separate unit, part of a division or a section of departments.

  1. Budget manual

This manual specifies the responsibilities and authorities of people who are engaged in the day-to-day operations of a company. Other than specifying the financial objectives of a particular company, it even describes the procedure which needs to be applied for making it a success. It is the job of the budget officer to prepare and maintain this financial plan from time to time.

  1. Budget Controller

A budget controller is one who gets appointed for administering the budget of a company. It is he who lays down the responsibilities and structure related to this budget.

  1. Budget Committee

To have effective budgetary control system, the organization forms a team comprising of various executives of the company known as the ‘budget committee.’ This budget committee has the responsibility of helping the controller for correct execution. It is the Chief Executive Officer who acts as the head of the budget committee.

This committee has an aim of preparing a budget which is an aggregate of financial plans produced by various departments of the company and made by their respective departmental managers.

  1. Period of Budget

The duration for which a monetary plan is prepared and executed is known as the budget period. This financial period varies from one company to another by depending on its specific industry and objectives.

This budget period is dependent on factors like-

  1. Business type
  2. Product type and nature
  • Length of trade cycle.
  1. Key factors

Even termed as principal budget factor, limiting factor or governing factor, these aspects are limited in quantity. Such situations arise due to crisis situations like lack of labor, material, capital and capacity of the company.

Thus, it is important that before preparing the budget these concerns are taken into consideration for effective implementation of budgetary control in an organization.


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