While learning Sequencing Problems, the objectives are-

  1. Understanding the concept and meaning of sequencing.
  2. Being aware of the terminologies used in sequencing problems.
  3. The assumptions made while solving a sequencing problem.
  4. Handing out various jobs through machines of different numbers.
  5. Dealing of ‘n’ jobs through ‘m’ machines and two jobs through ‘m’ machines.

Chapter Outline

  1. Preface to sequencing problems
  2. Terminologies commonly used in sequencing problems
  3. Assumptions made while solving sequencing problems
  4. Classification of sequencing problems
  5. n-Jobs one machine case
  6. Rule of Shortest Processing Time (SPT)
  7. WSPT
  8. Priority Sequencing Guidelines
  9. Sequencing jobs through two machines
  10. n-Jobs 3 machine case
  11. Two jobs ‘m’ machine case


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