Managerial techniques are extensively used as the demand of the present decision-making is not just based on intuition. Every operation research application cannot be set down as an operation research. This is because new applications are found everyday which is discovered by these tools. In many operation research activities, it finds its application associated to work planning. Few of its imperative applications are as follows.

  1. Production or manufacturing
  • Production planning
  • Production control
  • Inventory management
  1. Accounting
  • Decisions regarding credit policy
  • Cash flow planning
  • Fund flow planning
  1. Facilities Planning
  • Design of logistic system
  • Factory location
  • Size decision of a building
  • Transportation
  • Loading and unloading
  • Planning the location of warehouse
  1. Financial Management
  • Effective investment decision
  • Portfolio management
  1. Marketing Management
  • Decisions regarding product mix
  • Advertisement
  • Budget decisions
  • Resolutions related to new product launch
  1. Construction Management
  • Distribution of resources of various projects in hand
  • Labour or workforce planning
  • Project management which includes planning, observing and regulation
  1. Personnel Management
  • Selection and enlistment of employees
  • Designing, instructing and developing programmes
  • Human resources planning
  1. Research and Development
  • Planning and regulating new research and development projects
  • Plannings as per the product launch
  1. Purchasing Decision
  • Inventory management
  • Best purchasing resolution
  • Ideal re-ordering


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