1.Every statement of any problems is advised to be read carefully.

2.Identification of decision variables

With the help of these variables, the required decisions are to be made. An important decision that needs to be taken in this respect is identifying the variable set that will create a direct impact on the various levels of objective achievement. This decision will also include the control on this impact by a decision maker.

After the variables are pointed out, list them accordingly with the variable’s description.

For example,

X1= total number of units manufacturedand traded per week of product 1

X2= total number of units manufacturedand traded per week of product 2

  1. Constraint recognition

While allocating values to decision variables, which conditions should be fulfilled? A suggested version would be to write a constraint’s textual description and then it should be followed by its mathematical representation.

For example,

Total manufacture of product 1 > 200 units

4.Objective identification

A clear understanding of objective is required. How can a model’s objective be helpful in maximising and minimising various aspects of theproduction process?

For example,

Maximising the weekly profit from the production of commodity 1 and 2.

5.Figuring out the mathematical model

You may describe an objective function on a given restriction when you start with a problem. You should make aproper decision as per the requirement of the problem. Also, try to include non-negative restrictions.


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