Better Understanding of the Cause of Absence

Understanding of the Cause of Absence

Analyzing the data of absence is always beneficial as it helps in reviewing the causes of absence in a particular organization and accordingly, how can such analysis helps in developing methods of reducing such absence levels along with their causes. And thus, it is important for the employee as well to provide a legitimate reason if they are taking a leave from the firm which helps in further investigating the case.

And thus, organizations must encourage the employees to provide a genuine and real reason for their leave. They might use reasons like illness of minority when they are dealing with work stress or alcohol problem. But, it might sound really simple but it’s really not! And thus, it was decided by The London Borough of Brent that they will investigate and tackle the absence if its long term in order to relate to the real causes of the same. Employers thus must relate their reason to employer’s behavior as well which includes stressful work and unfair environment. And thus, they must exercise activities that help the employee to trust the employer in order to admire the actual reason of absence. It is the responsibility of the employer too to provide a professional and convenient environment for the employee in order to focus and dedicate 100 per cent to the firm.

Better Understanding of the Cause of Absence 7

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