Absence Review and Trigger Points

Absence Review & Trigger Points

It is vital to focus on the absence records which are not satisfactory, and thus organizations plan a strategy to identify the points of trigger that holds such non satisfactory spell or length of absence. And when the employee’s absence record hit the trigger, it means that organization must take an action against the same. And the policies supporting the same are reported critical in order to review the record of absence and how they are supporting the decrease in the absence level. In 2003, CIPD reported that many organizations noticed decrease in the absence level when they introduced such tightened policies in the firm. The trigger points used in such a reporting of absence level is known to the employees and thus work on manipulating the employers and the management which reported that their absence level is just below the trigger point line. And thus, it was vital for the employer to resolve such an issue. And then, they introduced rolling year in Human resource that helped in assessing the absence level of the employee for a period of time which made employees too difficult to manipulate the system again.

Many organizations, on the other hand, have introduced groups of review for the same purpose. One of such example is absence champion network in HBOS along with safety and health units of absence. Though all these groups might focus on different aims, but they are highly beneficial when an employer need to review the absence level of the employee in order to identify the trigger point of the employee and lead to intervention if required.


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