Context, Competence and Competencies

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Competence and Competencies,Context

Objectives that are focused towards this chapter

  1. Identifying and highlighting all the aspects of importance that is related to National Training Framework
  2. Competence Movement and its evaluation. Provision of information that moves from general knowledge of it towards the reality – skills
  3. Recognizing NVQs and its characteristics.Assessment of its weakness and its strength
  4. Recognizing Behavioural Competencies and its characteristics. Assessment of its weakness and its strength

If you go through HRM literature, there is a concept that is entirely spread out and has a well balanced argument for it. Competencies, competency, or competence; with whichever name do you try to recognize it with, all of it are same. It is extremely important and a basic integration part if you want to team it up with HRM activities.

Now, there are many students who find it difficult to understand the concept. So,to get clarity on it, we will first analyze it with few definitions. When we hear the word competence (singular),it simply means it is capable enough to make sure that the given task is complete. As stated in the simplest forms, interpretation of this terminology is recognized even by NVQs. An abbreviation of National Vocational Qualifications, this clearly states the standards for every job.

While reading about competence, it is imperative that you understand that output related to it is solely based on performance. However, in 1999, Whiddett and Hollyforde stated that the actual meaning of competence is not an achievement that we have read earlier in the form of definition. Instead, it explains about the achievements after task completion. It was also added that this argument is basically taken from the concept of Boyatzis’ work, which got published in 1982.

Now, apart from these 2, there is another of the explanation related to competencies. Even though we are not going to read it in this chapter, it is better to have an idea about it. As per the 3rd definition, competencies related to a company basically talks about the benefits on a competitive level.


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