It becomes essential to replace the employee especially when they do not qualify with required skills. Such a drawback stops the growth of the business. Here we will discuss the areas of recruitment which means the struggle and experience of the individuals and their personal experience.

Recruitment 1

Talking about region like UK, there is a record by recruiting more than three millions of individuals annually. And the process is really struggling when there the supply of man power is too much and the supply of skilled manpower is too less. The process will be costly and difficult as well. So what happens in this case? Here the employers will be selling their jobs to the employees in order to generate skilled applicants.

It was once mentioned by Barber in 1998 that the recruitment process just not end at one step but it continues from short listing the candidates, setting up interviews and then final step is concluded when the offer letter is accepted by the candidate. And when this procedure is still maintained, it is important to regulate the impression of the company in the mind of the candidates.


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