The recruitment process involves some basic question initially which are: is the company has the vacancy! If yes, is it to be filled by the new employees?  Such vacancies are generates when an employee either leaves the firm r if the company is willing to expand. Vacancies caused by someone leaving the office are mandate cases. In terms of expansion, vacancies are either generated or imagined.

There are various platforms where the new position is generated and the process of recruiting a new employee is either handles by the internal department or out to the supplier who are known expert in the market. There are various options to list while recruiting a new employee. Some of them are:

  • Reorganization of the work
  • Usage of overtime
  • Mechanization of work
  • Staggering hours
  • Considering part time position
  • Subcontracting work
  • Involving an agency

Determining the Vacancy 2

There is a procedure of determining the vacancy if you are seriously generating the vacancy in the company. Well, you can understand the same with the following four questions:

  1. What does the job really includes?
  2. Explain the difference between the job which was done previously and how will it be different for the employee
  3. Mention the aspects of the vacancy which should be specific for the candidate
  4. Explain the chief features and aspects of the job and responsibilities of the vacancy that a candidate must know before applying for the same.

Basically these questions help the recruiter to describe the job responsibilities and description along with specifications that candidates must notice before applying. If you are worries about the method of generating the same, well you might want to apply the theories of Pearn and Kadola, IRS ad Brannick and Levine.

The procedure includes verifying every segment of the description and then pinning down the same on the paper. Such a procedure is not only beneficial but mandatory with the increasing competition in the market. One can notice the same format through online platform and on company websites too.

It is essential to a keep a track record on the quality of the words portrayed on the job profile too. A firm can recruit right applicants when the job description is clearly understood by the candidates. And in order to resume the same, firms conduct a professional tone on their vacancy chart and how to portray the credibility of the firm and the job position on the journal or newspaper they choose.

Determining the Vacancy 3


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