Drafting an advertisement which is a challenging job especially knowing as there is high costing involved on each space and word you share on the paper. And thus, it is important to attract the right candidates for the position in just few words. So, let’s move to the points that are considered significant to be included in the advertisement process:

  • Name of the organization and brief information about the firm
  • What is the job title and associated responsibilities
  • Whether are not training is provide for the position
  • Chief elements on the specification of the candidate that a firm is looking for
  • How much salary you are offering
  • Steps instructing on how to apply for the job

Talking about the salary part, many firms do not disclose the figure to the candidates accompanied in the advertisement. Well, it can be considered reasonable when the salary figure is generally known to the candidate and are termed to be inflexible, in government or public segment for example. But in other cases, salaries are either not mentioned because of the company policy of secrecy. And in some cases, employers wait for the reaction of the potential candidates on how much they expect from the profile. But, firms might want to consider noting the figure down on the advertisement in order to receive the pool of applicants which are potential and right for the profile you advertised.

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