Talking about the recruitment procedure, when a vacancy is generated in the firm, the priority is always considered for the employees already working for the company. Such a procedure is known as internal recruitment. However, the procedure of internal recruitment is similar to the external recruitment, but the experience and skills of the employees are already proven in the company record.

Internal recruitment has its own advantages. The recruitment procedure is simpler and cost effective as compared to the external recruitment. Let’s consider an example: So the firm has generates a vacancy of Business Development manager and invites employees of the company to participate in the same. Let’s say you are working as a business development executive in the company, and then you might want to apply for the job if your track record is excellent in the firm.

You will be invited for the interviews with the senior managers of the company and the procedure is exactly same as for a candidate from a different field or experience. The only difference is your words are already proven in the history books of the company. Under such circumstances, recruiters prefer selecting the employer of the company rather than candidates from outside. That way they save recruiting fees and application fees which are mandate in the process. If the employee is in the company itself, the recruiters face fewer troubles trusting the employee.

When a new employee is recruited in the company, it is bit severe and tough to trust the employee as you might not understand the intention of the candidate on the first day. But through internal recruitment, you understand the mindset of the employee already. That way, you can rely on the skills and experience of the employee without doubting their intention. There are various examples in the past which indicates sense of unsuccessful recruitment when employees leak the information to other firms or competitors.

In some cases, candidates fake on their skills in their resume which might be difficult to realize and analyze sometimes. Under such a scenario, internal recruitment is way better consideration than external recruitment. Though the recruitment process is similar, but trust factor is maintained under high esteems which is really important for the firm as well as their business growth.


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