Monitoring the effective method of advertising the job vacancy is an essential part of a job of HR manager. Well, there are possibly two reasons: one, value for money and second, to ensure that they are getting right set of candidates for the vacancy they advertised. And thus, the following information is suggested to be essentially collected under this process by Wright and Storey.

  1. How many inquiries were received that led to the complete form of application?
  2. How many candidates were shortlisted at each stage of recruitment?
  3. How many individuals were exactly recruited?
  4. How many candidates were retained in the firm just after 6 months?

The management can monitor the candidates on the basis of their gender as well as minorities of ethnic which will help them to take the remedial action whenever required. Management need to be ready with the answerable queries on questions like if the best candidate for the position applied or not?

One needs to understand here that the source of information on the process of recruitment lies on the people who are involved in such a procedure for example the receptionist who is taking calls on casual enquiries. The initial reaction of the candidate on the telephone says a much louder fact on their interest on the position and their reaction on the advertisement if places properly. The personal visits or the telephonic inquiry must be provided in the crisp manner to the candidate in order to shortlist the best among the rest.

Talking about the useful information, well it can be generated from both applicants who are suitable and non-suitable for the position. And thus, it is important for the management to take the feedback from the unsuccessful applicants as well in order to know their opinion on the recruitment process. Because they might not be fit for a particular position, but the management might use them otherwise.


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