Planning: Jobs and People

What Does This Chapter Aim At?

This chapter discusses the following:

  1. Planning of the Human Resource and its various aspects.
  2. Taking up various frameworks for HR management and explaining it thoroughly.
  3. A brief discussion on the feasibility and contribution of the Planning of HR for a particular company.

If an individual sits down and considers the record books as far as the HR department of various companies are concerned, he or she ought to figure out that it is quite rough. As far as success in the field of business in the years 1970 and 1960 are concerned, it has without a doubt proven to be an effective tool as far as achieving the maximum possible output is concerned. If you go down a decade or two further, planning was viewed at as an effective tool in the field of finance and business. However, if you take the 21st century into account, you ought to figure out that the idea of planning is no longer that prevalent. This is due to various reasons. One of the major reasons behind this is the amount of uncertainty that has crept into this business. It is due to this uncertainty in the market that individuals are no longer able to plan out stuffs. As a result, under most circumstances, these plans are a lot more instantaneous than what they used to be a couple of decades back.


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