When individuals go through the heading, they often tend to wonder as to what the term environment is doing in a book that is concerned with HR management and planning. Well, there are several reasons as to why the term environment has been brought up under the scope of this book. This is due to the fact that the various environmental conditions play a critical role as far as the progress of any project is concerned. In the event that the various adverse conditions of the environment are not taken into account, one thing is for certain that your company isn’t going to recover in the event that it comes across some sort of adverse conditions. These conditions play a huge role as far as the progress of a particular project as well as the firm is concerned.

In the field of commerce, the term environment is also used to refer to the various conditions such as the demand of the clients, the market value and many more. You can now very well figure out as to how important the term environment is in the event that you are looking forward to planning the Human Resource for a particular company. The need for figuring out the demand of the employees is also high. Based on the level of skills each employee possess, it is important to carefully examine as to whether or not the employees having sufficient skills to take up a particular project will actually be willing to take it up. This is a major reason as to why incentives need to be provided not only to the clients but also the employees.

A major thing that needs to be done at the time of analyzing the environment is to record the various statistics as far as reports, networking and contacts of a particular firm or organization is concerned. In addition to this the predominant language of the people in the area must also be taken into consideration. In the event that the locals, i.e. the individuals residing in close proximity to where your firm is located are skilled enough to carry out a particular project or a part of it, it is strongly recommended for you to hire some of them. One of the major reasons behind this is the fact that the amount that needs to be paid to the local employees is comparatively lesser than the others. To top it all, why won’t an individual opt for this option if it produces the same results? These strategies will in turn play a huge role as far as the profit made by a particular company is concerned.

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Once an individual is done with collecting records regarding the various aspects that were mentioned above, he or she must then consider the idea of mapping these aspects of the environment in a manner that pleases them the most. This method of analysis is something that is extremely common as far as the various individuals in the planning committee are concerned. The mapping is generally done in the form of a wheel which makes the task of reading the various aspects all the more easy. This wheel is actually quite ironic as it might as well refer to the wheels of time, say the various environmental conditions of the market 3 years hence. This is something that may not appear to be easy, but once you have carefully gone through the various steps that are mentioned above, it might as well appear to you as a piece of cake. In this figure, the spokes that all wheels possess are often used for the purpose of representing the various adverse rather external conditions that the environment of the market may have to offer. These include the authorities for regulatory purposes, the governing body, clients, the various others who are willing to knock out your company, i.e. the competitors both at the local as well as at the global level. There are various such aspects that ought to be considered. About 6 or 7 of these are taken into consideration for each mapping. These are certain things that the individuals in the field of HR will definitely have a firm idea about. IN the event that you are actually able to understand these concepts discussed under the scope of this chapter, one thing is for certain that your company stands to gain.

As already mentioned above, it is not only the demand of the clients that need to be meet, in addition to this, the demand of the various employees also needs to be taken into consideration. If this is not done, you might as well come across a time when all your competitors snatches your employees. Some of the most common demands that the employees may put forth are as follows:

  • Good quality training: Sometimes, a handsome salary is not just what the employees look for. There are various employees especially beginners in the field who would prefer some good quality training from the company that they are going to work for. This is something that turns out to be beneficial for both the employee as well as the company and one of the major reasons behind this is the fact that it enables employees to understand their job better, at the same time, it also lets the manager analyses the skills of each employees. This will in turn give them a firm idea regarding where a particular employee needs to be placed.
  • A picture of the facilities that the firm has to offer: With the competition among the firms growing at such alarming rates, your competitors will not only target the clients of your company, but at the same time, they may also target the efficient employees that your company has to offer. In the event that you are willing to ensure that you don’t fall short of employees in the future, you might as well try and keep your employees happy.
  • The approach taken by the company: It may so happen that while trying to make the most out of employees, the company takes too much out of an individual and as a result, that employee might as well resign. Hence, it is important for the desired authorities of a particular company not to treat their employees as machines. The authorities of the company must keep one thing in their mind, i.e. irrespective of the position of a particular individuals in a company, he or she is a human being.
  • Job or Career: There are various company that recruit thousands of youngsters only the sack 90 % of them. Only a few efficient ones are taken up as permanent members. This is something that you as an employee would not appreciate by any means. Hence, it is recommended for the companies to not only take their own profit into consideration but also to take into account the future that a particular employees has.
  • Flexibility: This is something that every individual irrespective of whether he or she works at the worker class or at the managerial level desires. In the event that you don’t get the sufficient amount of flexibility that you desire from your job, one thing is for certain that you won’t be able to continue your job for long. Hence, the authorities of the various firms and organization must definitely provide some sort of flexibility to their employees.


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