The Scope of Human Resource Planning

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In the field of business, the term human resource is often used synonymous with the term man power. As a result, the concept of planning of HR is similar to that of man power. If you consider the example that is provided in Figure 3.2, you ought to figure out that there is a lot of scope as far as the planning of the HR is concerned. This however doesn’t mean that the scope isn’t limited. The major aspect that has been taken into consideration as far as this example goes is the fact that the demand for the employees of a particular project should be similar to the man power that is provided by the company. If this is not taken into consideration, one thing is for certain that the project will definitely not be completed on time. This demand is basically based on various aspects such as the strategies that a project ought to follow as well as the objectives it ought to meet up with. You must be wondering how a company can calculate the exact man power required for a particular project. Well, they can’t and one of the major reasons behind this is the fact that the company irrespective of how efficient it is won’t be able to figure out all the requirements of the project at the initial stages. It is only as one moves through the development or manufacture process that the company ought to come across new needs that in turn need to be meet. In the event that these needs aren’t meet, one thing is for certain that the company isn’t going to thrive.

The Scope of Human Resource Planning 3

One thing that can be concluded from this example is the fact that the various required overhead cannot be computed exactly. However, it can without a doubt be estimated which is perhaps one of the key aspects as far as the scope of this chapter is concerned. There are various other things that needs to be taken into account as well at the time of planning of the HR. The total overhead required is without a doubt one of the major aspects that the planning committee must definitely consider but that’s certainly not all. There are several other things which if not taken into consideration at suitable points might as well lead to a halt in the progress of the project once it has been taken up. You as the owner or the manager of the company would certainly not want something like this to happen. Hence, it is strongly recommended for you to consider another major aspect, namely, the skill of the employees you are dealing with. For example, you company has received a project for the development of an online website. Let’s assume that the number of individuals required for meeting the demands of the project is 6. At this point, the planners not only need to select 6 employees and give then the project as well as the plan that needs to be followed, they must also take into consideration the web development skill of each employee who is going to be a part of the project. Since, web development as a lot to do with data bases as well, i.e. the data that is being updated needs to be stored in the servers as well, it is a must to have a couple of individuals who specialize in the field of database and its management. These are certain things that you need a lot of experience to sort out, hence, estimating the demands and proceeding with the project is perhaps the best option. At the same time, the company must also ensure that in the event that the need arises, they can provide suitable employees having sufficient skills in order to ensure that the project is carried out smoothly.

The Scope of Human Resource Planning 4

This is a framework that ought to come in handy time and again as far as the scope of this chapter is concerned. In the event that the need for integrating the various aspects of the planning of the HR arise, this structure must without a doubt be taken into consideration. Under the scope of this chapter, we will be discussing in depth regarding the 4 views that have been mentioned in the Figure 3.3. In the event that you wish to become a professional in the field, make sure that you are able to understand the various aspects of the structure that is provided above.


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