Reconciliation, Decisions and Plans

If the various stages that are concerned with the planning of the human resource of a particular company are taken into consideration individually, then one thing is for certain that there should be some sort of method that ought to prevalent between the various stages. These methods ought to aid in the exchange considerable amount of feedback between the various stages. If you take a lighter approach, you ought to figure out that the manner in which the trends of the environment, the position that needs to be filled and the vision for the future interact is quite dynamic in nature. This dynamic nature of these relationships is a key aspect that needs to be considered in the event that the individual owning the firm or the company is willing to balance the various stages properly.

Reconciliation is something that every firm needs to consider at some point of time irrespective of how successful or how flop the products of the firm are as far as the market is concerned. While doing so, the firms without a doubt need to take into account the opinion of the employees along with the managers at the senior level, the plans priority, the key components or the critical components of the plan, the various factors that ought to effect the implementation be it is a positive manner or a negative manner, etc. There may be instances in the business world where in the forecast for the demand is greater than the supply. Some of the major scenarios that may are arise given below:

  • The objectives of the firm might be altered as well. This is due to the fact that the objectives aren’t going to be meet under any circumstances due to the fact that the current man power certainly doesn’t meet up to the man power that is demanded.
  • The forecast of the supply may be changed by decreasing the turnover of the employees. Well, this is a method that your employees aren’t going to take likely. Another method is by increasing the age for retirement of an individual.
  • The forecast for the demand may be altered as well. This may be done by varying the manner in which the various employees are utilized. Instead of using several employees who don’t possess a certain skill level, a firm may turn to a less number of employees who are a lot more skilled.

Considering a scenario where in the forecast for the internal supply is more than the demand, various circumstances may arise. Some of the major circumstances are discussed in details below:

  • Your staffs are extremely important as far as your company’s progress is concerned. Hence, losing some may have an adverse effect on your company. The cost involved in losing a staff isn’t too negligible.
  • Over employment has an adverse effect on your company’s revenues.
  • Is it possible to change the goals that the company has? If so, how will that effect the market of the company?
  • The utilization costs must also be taken into account.

If you consider the two types of planning, namely hard and soft, their inter dependencies must be taken into consideration. If you take various number of staffing into account, you ought to figure out that a direct implication may be drawn from the teams whose performances are exceedingly high. There may be a necessity for adopting an alternative means and skills in order to ensure the success of the company.

The key things that needs to be done at this point is considering the various alternative approaches that may be taken and then deciding on the initial basic feasible solution. Once you are done with this, you might as well move ahead and design the plan of action of your company so as to ensure that this plan comprises of all the sectors of the activity of HRM. Let us take into account a few examples given below:

  • Plans for structure and organization: These are one of the most important type of plan that is an absolute must in every project. The existence of the various departments of a particular company is something that these plans predominantly deal with. If you consider the layers in the various departments of a particular company, then plan might as well deal with the arrangement of these layers. The use of a particular employee is directly affected by any sort of alterations as far as the structure of the organization is concerned.
  • The plans for the supply of man power is another extremely important type of plan that is a must for every company. Do you know what the most costly resource in this world is? Well, according the professionals in the field, human resource is perhaps the most costly resource in this world. In the event that a company doesn’t have employees who have the required level of skill, then the task of finding an appropriate employee is exceedingly difficult.
  • Plans for utilization of the various employees. This is another type of plan that is concerned about the employees. In the event that the employees aren’t utilized in an optimal manner, it is for certain that you company stands to lose. Though this type of planning isn’t very popular as far as the startup companies are concerned. However, for national and multi – national companies, making such plans is an absolute most for the owners of the firm so as to ensure that all their employees are utilized to the maximum potential. This is something that these plans are meant for, i.e. the objective of making this type of plan.
  • Plans for development and learning. In the event that you own a particular company you will without a doubt wish to expand your company irrespective of how big or how small it is today. In order to do this, it is essential for you to plan out the development of the various projects of your firm. In addition to this, the newcomers must be given sufficient amount of attention so as to ensure that they can meet up with required level of knowledge.
  • Plans for maintaining a good relationship with the employees. Owners of firms must never forget that the employees are as important to you as you are to them. If either one is removed from the equation, then the other stands to suffer. This is something that these plans take into consideration. Hence, it is extremely important for the firms to ensure that the employees are happy as far as working for their firm is concerned. This is due to the fact that a company may incur heavy losses if too many employees resign.
  • Plans for rewards for employees. In the event that you wish the employees of your firm to work to their maximum potential it is imperative for you to reward your employees on the basis of their performance. To understand this type of plan better, let us take into account a small example. Consider a marketing employee of your company. Suppose he or she has a target of hundred dollars every month. He or she must definitely be rewarded in the event that his or her monthly sale crosses the target.
  • Plans for motivation and management of performance. These plans mostly deal with the manner in which the performance of a particular firm can be optimized. This optimization has a lot to do as far as the revenues earned by the firm are concerned. These plans in addition to managing the firm’s performance might as well deal with motivating the employees to perform better. For example, you may provide the employees in the sales department with certain incentives in the event that their targets are meet.
  • Plans for communication: In this era of uncertainty and development, one thing is for certain that the various plans of a particular company are a subject to vary. In the event that a plan does undergo certain modifications, it is imperative these changes are conveyed to the employees who may be affected by the change. The manner in which the changes are to be conveyed should be such that the employees take likely towards the alterations of the plans. This in turn is extremely crucial especially in the event that an individual wants to maintain a healthy relationship with his or her employees.

Well, the planning process doesn’t stop once a particular plan is active. News ways are means come up every day that could help in the progress of the company. In order to ensure that a company keeps progressing, new plans need to be passed and at the same time, old ones need to be reviewed.


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