Forecasting Future Human Resource Needs

Organization, behavior and culture

In the event that you are the owner of a firm or work at the managerial level of a particular firm, it is strongly recommended for you to figure out the various needs that a particular project may come across once you make progress. This is something that every firm must do irrespective of the type of product that it deals with. In the event that a particular firm is not being able to make proper estimations regarding the needs of a particular project, one thing is for certain that the company isn’t going to be able to carry out the various aspect of a particular project smoothly. This is something that no company would want. The needs of a particular project are available in the form of various strategic objectives as well as various influential aspects of the environment. As far as converting these needs into objectives are concerned, no standard procedure is known. As a result, it is strongly recommended for individuals to figure out various way by which this can be done. To think of it, this approach is a lot more logical and must cannot be learned by sitting at home. The only way by which an individual will be able to be well aware of this is if he or she has worked in a real world environment which is something that is not possible until and unless and individual steps into the professional world.

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Employee numbers and skills (demand forecasting)

You have already been given a brief idea of what is to be discussed under the scope of this subhead in the introductory portion of this chapter. In the event that you are actually willing to figure out the various aspects, you must first be familiar with the term demand forecasting. This is a term that you would often come across in the event that you are pursuing a career in the field of HR management. These are certain aspect that can by no means be avoided. The idea of forecasting of the various demands of a particular project has already been given to you. However, it is under the scope of this subhead that the term is coined. To understand the idea of demand forecasting a lot better, I will be bringing up several examples where in the readers need to place themselves in actual real world environment. This in turn ought to ensure that the individuals learn the subject better. Various book have adopted various means to explain the topics to their reader. However, this approach is seldom taken as it concerns a lot of logical thinking on the part of the individual writing the book. Hence, most writer avoid this approach. However, I believe that in order to make the students understand the various aspects, especially in subjects such as HR management, it is imperative for the students to face the real world scenarios. In the event that they don’t, one thing is for certain that not much logic will penetrate their brain.

As already mentioned above, we will be taking up a small example in order to ensure that the students understand the idea of forecasting of demand for a particular project a lot better. Let us consider a firm that develops various android applications. First you must consider what the major aspects that an android application needs are. Every application irrespective of the platforms it operates on needs at least two sets of software’s in order to be developed in a proper manner. This is due to the fact that a software application can be broadly classified into a front end interface and a back end database. There are various programming languages that are required in order to design the front end and back end respectively. For example, for your application, using java for front end and oracle for back end would be the most efficient. You can easily estimate that number of employees that you ought to need in the event that you are looking to submit the project on time. However, a major thing that most individuals fail to consider is the fact that most projects demand a certain level of skill for the employees. For instance, in case of the example that has just been taken up, there must be two groups of employees. The first group must be well equipped with java and the various aspects of this high level programming language. On the other hand, the members of the second group must be familiar with oracle, the software being used to develop the back end of this application. Hence, you can see that in the event that the individuals aren’t equipped with the desired bit of knowledge or training as far as the procedures used for development are concerned, one thing is for certain that your firm isn’t going to be able to submit the project on time.

The manner in which the man power of a particular firm or company is used is of utmost importance in the event that you are looking forward to ensuring that you are able to expand your company. A major mistake made by the owners of the various companies of today’s world is that they lay all their attention on customer satisfaction. While doing so, the satisfaction of the employees of a particular firm is neglected to a considerable extent. This is perhaps one of the major reasons behind the collapse of most startup companies in today’s world. In the event that you are willing to make the most out of an employees as well as ensure the satisfaction of both the client and the employee, you must ensure that all the employees are placed in areas where they excel in. There’s absolutely no point in trying to ask a dancer to play hockey. There are certain fields where each employee excels in, hence, it is the job of the managerial group to figure these out and place the employees in appropriate fields. If you consider the table 3.2, you ought to figure out that various functions are interconnected. These redundancies must without a doubt be removed by the team of managers in order to ensure that the company thrives.


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