Analysing the Current Situation and Projecting Forward

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Organization, behavior and culture

So finally we come to the most interesting portion. It is at this point that you will be given a solid idea as far as the various possible alternatives for each operation and the various possibilities are concerned. There are various approaches that are adopted by the management team of the various firms. One of the most common approaches that you must without a doubt be aware of is the fact that the manager of conduct group discussion sessions with their employees this in turn helps in ensuring that the view points of the various employees are taken into consideration as well. The authorities of the firm must always be approachable as far as the employees are concerned. In the event that the authorities of a particular firm aren’t accessible, it is for certain that not many employees are going to last in that company. These are in turn necessary in order to collect various forms of data regarding the following:

  • The manner in which the various employees of a particular firm are managed.
  • The level of satisfaction provided by a company to its employees. In the event that you desire your company to thrive, it is strongly recommended for you to take into account the idea of satisfaction of both the clients and the employees. These are certain aspects that can by no means be ignored.
  • The authorities or the owners of a particular firm or company must also ensure that they keep their employees motivated. This will play a huge role as far as the success of your company is concerned.
  • The culture of the company is another thing to be taken into account.
  • The behavior of the higher authorities of the company towards their minor staff members is something that is of utmost importance. In addition to this, the employees will without a doubt look forward to facing decisions that are not only just but impartial at the same time.
  • The objectives of a particular firm must be clear.
  • The level of commitment of the various employees.
  • The various problems and issues that a particular firm may come across.
  • The various strengths of a particular firm.
  • Ways adopted in order to initiate various forms of improvements.


Analysing the Current Situation and Projecting Forward 11

Analysing the Current Situation and Projecting Forward 12

However, in the event that an individual desires to figure out more as far as the various issues mentioned above are concerned, all he or she needs to do is consider the various aspects of his or her company such as current trends on the basis of promotion, the various employees and their very own characteristics, the manner of recruitment of their company, evaluation of the various data’s on the basis of performance, the figures as far as the revenues of the company are concerned, etc. If an individual considers these aspects of his or her company, it is for certain that his or her company has better chances of thriving.

Current and projected employee numbers and skills (employee supply)

Another extremely common term for individuals in the field of management of human resources is employee supply. Before you move onto the chapters that are to follow, it is imperative for you to have a firm idea regarding the various aspects of employees and their supply. The first thing that an individual must do is figure out his or her company’s current supply on the basis of their employees. This is something that will have a huge role to play especially if an individual is looking forward to expanding his or her company throughout the world. These are certain things that are of utmost importance. However, if they are no dealt with appropriately, there are high chances that the foundation of your company is going to be hollow. All an individual needs to do in order to figure out the supply of employee be it an individual employee or the employees of the entire firm, all an individual needs to do is analyses the various aspects at a micro level and then carry out the proceedings. In order to do so, there are various factors that are taken into consideration, some of the most common factors are discussed in details below:

  • The total employee number that your firm needs so as to ensure that all the operations of the firm can be carried out smoothly. This is something that is an absolute must for individuals who are looking forward to figuring out the supply of employees for his or her company. These are certain things that may not appear to be that important, however, if they are neglected, they can cause great harm in the near future.
  • The various departments and their corresponding employees need to be considered on an individual basis. This will in turn be extremely effective in the event that the company is looking forward to becoming more efficient as far as its various employees are concerned. This will also aid in figuring out the various disputes in the planning of the various aspects of the company a lot more easily.
  • The level of skills of the employees is another subject that needs to be taken into consideration. Just like the example we had taken up earlier in this chapter regarding the development of an android application, each project demands employees having a minimum skill level. In the event that the skill level of the employees in a particular projects is below the expected value, then the project might as well be delayed. In addition to this, such employees may not be able to meet up with the various demands laid down by the clients.
  • The age group a particular individual belongs to is another important topic of discussion. In the event that a particular projects needs a bit field work, then appointing youngsters would be advisable.
  • The quality of training received by the employee in the past and his or her current performance in your company is another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration.
  • The quality of performance of a particular employee is of utmost importance especially if you are looking forward to analyzing the supply of employees. This may appear to be kind of absurd when you first look at it. However, once a face such a real life scenario, you will without a doubt realize what I am trying to say here.

In the event that you company is looking forward to estimating the supply of the various employees, the first thing that concerned authorities must do is figure out the various aspects of the current employees based on the various points that are mentioned above. In the event that you have the current statistics in hand, the task of forecasting the supply of employees becomes a lot easier. This is something that most firms and companies of today’s generation look forward to.

Annual labor turnover index

The rate of wastage expressed in terms of percentage is often referred to as the index of turnover of the labors on a yearly basis. This is something that has to play a key role as far as figuring out the future supply of employees rather the demand of employees in the future are concerned. It is also referred to as the index of traditional turnover. This formula for computing the wastage is in its simplest form in order to ensure that the students understand the chapter better. Once you are well acquainted with the various aspects of this formula, all you need to do is head over to the chapters that are to follow.

Analysing the Current Situation and Projecting Forward 13

Just like all good things have flaws, this formula is no exception. Though there are various circumstances where this formula ought to be more than sufficient, but there is one major issue with this formula and that is the fact that the information this formula provides is limited. This is something that should be a major concern especially for the various multinational companies. Let us take into account a small example. Suppose over the last year, 20 employees left your firm. Is this information sufficient to tell to which are the sectors where in you must recruit new employees? Well, this is exactly what this formula does and as a result it has indeed lost its popularity over the last couple of years. Hence in the event that you have understood this formula feel free to go through its expanded format in the chapters that are to follow.

Stability index

The idea of stability index is somewhat similar to the turnover index. While the later focuses on the number of employees leaving the firm, the first focuses on the number of employees that ought to remain in the firm. It is written as follows:

Analysing the Current Situation and Projecting Forward 14

Cohort analysis

This is a term that one would seldom come across. However, I can’t say the same for the individual who have some sort of experience as far as field work is concerned. A group of individuals of the same type based on the skills they possess is often referred to as a cohort. Such a group is often considered to be homogeneous. This analysis basically focuses on group of employees and the effect of the departure of a few employees from a group on the remaining employees. These are certain things that are of the utmost importance if you don’t wish your firm to be dependent on a single or a few individuals. This must be done in order to ensure that the departure of a particular employee isn’t critical to your firms net output. These are some of the minute details in the field of business that individuals often tend to overlook. However, for the well being of a firm on a long term basis, these things must without a doubt be aided to. The major con of this approach is that it needs to be planned separately for different groups, i.e. a single cohort analysis of a particular company isn’t going to work for all the sectors of the company. The reliability and the availability of the data has a huge role to play as this must be carried out over a considerably long time span.

Half – Life

This term has direct resemblance with what has been taught in the previous paragraph. In the event that half of the employees working in a particular sector leave, then the time taken by them to do so is often referred to as the Half – Life for that sector of the company.

Analysing the Current Situation and Projecting Forward 15

Census method

This method of analysis of the various employees leaving a particular firm is pretty much similar to the turnover method. However, the only difference lies in the fact that this method is carried out on a considerably small volume of data, i.e. it is carried for a short span of time. Hence, carrying out this method is a lot simpler as compared to the various other methods. Just like the previous method, histograms are used in order to compute the period for which an individual has served the company. This approach is a lot simpler however, one ought to come across numerous issues with this approach in the event that he or she needs to carry out the same operations on large volumes of data.

Retention profile

The next thing that you must take into consideration is the idea of retention profile. This analysis is basically carried out on the various employees who remain working in your firm. After their years of service have been figured out, they must be placed in various groups depending on the tenure for which they have served. This profile of the employee gives the company a firm idea as far as the loyalty of a particular employee is concerned. It is without a doubt a key point for individuals looking forward to analyzing the various employees of their firm. In the event that this analysis is proper, the company definitely stands to gain. These methods however won’t be able to deal with the various movements of the employees of a company that take place internally. To cope up with this, several other approaches ought to be discussed under the subheads that are to follow. The key aspect regarding these methods is that fact that they mostly revolve around the planning of what is to follow, this is something that needs to be emphasized on individually.

Analyses of internal movements

If you own a company, there are various employees that you will have to work with on a regular basis. In the event that you are deciding on where to place an employee in your company who has served you for several years, you will without a doubt need to take into account the various movements that ought to take place internally. Without these movements, you certainly won’t be able to make the most out of all your employees. This however cannot be used individually. They without a doubt need the aid of the various patterns that are a part of your organization.

Succession planning

If you consider the importance of the various aspects that are discussed in details under the scope of this chapter, planning of what is to follow is perhaps of the utmost importance. Its profile is quite high if you consider the current market. Ages back, an approach was proposed that was kind of informal. This approach was referred to as the planning of the replacements. These two approaches are quite similar, the only difference lies in the fact that the idea of planning of the succession has been accepted universally. These are certain things that the company must focus on carefully. There were various other informal as well as formal approaches that have been followed ever since the late 80s. These approaches mostly focused on the position of the job that is to be accepted and the quality and level of skill required for an individual to take up that position.

However, over the years, the business objectives have indeed changed and there are various reasons that are responsible for this. One of the major reasons behind this is that fact that the market of the 21st century has become a lot more uncertain as compared to what it used to be in the 1980s. This is something that individuals in the business field must definitely realize. The objective of most companies of today’s generation is to develop a talent pool. This pool is of utmost important in the event that an individual is looking forward to expanding his or her company through the far reaches of the earth. While developing this talent pool, the company doesn’t really need to consider the manner in which they are to be used in the future, all the need to focus on is the quality of exposure they are able to provide their employees with. This has a huge role to play as far as the satisfaction level of the various employees are considered.


Succession planning at Astra Zeneca

Analysing the Current Situation and Projecting Forward 16

Analysing the Current Situation and Projecting Forward 17


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