If you consider the various statistics as far as the business world is concerned, you ought to come across the fact that the idea of planning of the various HR resources of a particular company has without a doubt played a huge role as far as providing the companies a suitable idea of how they must go about various matters are concerned. This is something that has greatly contributed to the success of various multinational companies all across the globe. However, due to the involvement of a large amount of uncertainty in the business world, individuals have without a doubt opted for more instantaneous options. This is due to the fact that the world has become uncertain to such an extent that it is no longer that easy a task as far as figuring out the various circumstances in the future are concerned. A brief line of separation must be drawn between strategic planning and strategic thinking in the event that you wish to understand this chapter a lot better. In the event that you are somehow unable to do so, let me help you. As far as the first is concerned, the manner in which one must go about is left to the individual himself or herself. This needs to be planned out in a definite manner. However as far as the latter is concerned, it mostly deals with intuition and production. According to Henry Mintzberg, the following suggestions must be taken into account:

  • The individuals who are involved in planning might as well play the role of an analyst. Such an individual doesn’t actually take part in the various processes that his or her company deals with. However, he or she must consider the idea of carefully examine the various documents in the form of hard copy. This is one of the most crucial roles as far as any business setup is concerned.
  • Apart from being involving in analysis, the planners might as well play the role of catalyst. As far as chemistry is concerned, a catalyst is a substance that speeds up a particular reaction. The catalyst itself however isn’t involved in the chemical reaction. As far as the role of catalysts in the business world are concerned, their major activities include throwing challenges to the convention as well as placing various questions or queries in front of the management team.
  • The third role that they must play is of a strategic programmer. This refers to the fact that irrespective of whether these individuals are able to plan out various strategies by themselves, they can very well initiate the various strategies and policies that have been framed by the respective authorities.
  • Fourthly, it is often considered to be a utility tool in the world of business. It might as well be used for the purpose of communication. These are some of the major roles that planners may have to participate in.

As far as the strategy of a particular company is concerned, the planning out of their Human Resource is a key aspect. This is due to the fact that it aids in identification in the following manner:

The Contribution and Feasibility of HR Planning 1


  • One of the major things that it helps in identifying is that there are several sectors that have their very own range of drawbacks. This is something that can by no means be avoided in the event that a particular individual is looking forward to making his company thrive.
  • In addition to helping individuals identify the various gaps that needs to be fulfilled, it also aids an individual in figuring out as to where there are more capabilities than needed. In the event that a particular sector has more capabilities than what it needs, it is for certain that these qualities ought to go in vain.
  • Perhaps the most important aspect is the fact that it aids companies in producing a large number of talented youngsters which in turn says a lot about the company and its management.
  • If you are in the field of business, you might as well come across scenarios where in you subordinate isn’t using his or her subordinates to their fullest potential. This is something that the company must avoid at all costs in the event that it is looking forward to making the maximum amount of profit in the market.

If you consider the framework of the firm based on the various forms of available resources, this has been discussed in details under the scope of the second chapter in this book. These four points that are discussed in details above are without a doubt extremely crucial, especially in the event that you take this example into account. These will definitely aid in the event that you wish your company to have a considerable edge over the others of its class. One of the major reasons of difficulty behind the idea of planning the human resource of a particular company is the fact that the employees of a particular company comprise of a wide range of employees, each having their very own view at thing. These are certain aspects that can in no way be neglected as the owners of a firm can by no means control the will of their employees. This is what makes the idea of planning so very difficult in the first place, leaving aside the various adverse conditions. However, in the event that an individual’s wishes to ensure that the entire idea of planning of the human resource of his or her company, he or she must take the following aspects into consideration:

  • Unlike the initial days when the entire plan was viewed at as a marking on the rock, today this is not the case. They must not only offer a considerable margin of flexibility but in addition to this, they must also be rechecked on a regular basis so as to ensure that any sort of flaw in the plan is dealt with properly.
  • Previously the managers were the only individuals who were considered to be stakeholders but that’s certainly not the case as far as the various firms of the 21st century are concerned. Employees have also been included in the group in the recent years.
  • The human resource strategies and the various plans of a particular business are interlinked so as to remove any sort of redundancy.
  • Today it is not just the specialist in the HR department who drive and own the plan, the duty has been handed to the managers at the senior level in recent years.
  • The various plans that a company must follow must not only be simple but at the same time, they must be easy to understand and implement.
  • On certain occasions, planning at a micro level may be needed in order to ensure more efficiency.

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The Contribution and Feasibility of HR Planning 2


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