Recruitment advertising is a growing need for the firms as it helps in positioning the job vacancy at a right place in a suitable media platform. And thus, such agencies are professional teams that helps in advising the firm on where to place the right advertisement along with the choice of words and design that will help in attracting just the right amount of potential candidates. And therefore, such benefits are being sustained in larger organization and that’s why they subcontract or outsource their advertising load to the professional agencies under the agreement signed under mutually accepted level of services.

These recruitment agencies are less expensive as they are driving from the commissions they earn from the operational recruitment as well as the commission they earn from filling the advertising space. And here, if the agencies are quite huge they make their work on how to negotiate their profits with journals and newspapers. And the portion of such a figure is then delivered to the firm which is obviously less expensive than drafting an advertisement by themselves. An HR manager will prefer outsourcing their recruitment process under agency’s incomes between $5000-7000 than spending fortune on advertising by them and it also includes ethical and professional approach of screening right applicants for the position.

And a professional agency must follow to deliver the following qualities to the employers:

  • Their experience of recruitment till date
  • Quality of the advice they conduct to the employers
  • Quality of the response that they can produce through advertisement

Now talking about where to choose the professional advertisement of recruitment is answered by a simple fact: a place where one can find the most number of potential applicants that fulfills the required specifications and skills for the job. In such a case, you might want to have a word with those applicants who are planning to switch from their job or looking for a job already. There are various platforms where the recruitment agency will look for a perfect position to place the advertisement. For an instance, journal or national newspaper: well, people buy different newspapers, and thus it is important for the agency to survey on which newspaper is highly appreciated or approachable by the right applicants. Placing an advertisement on a local newspaper just because it offers cheaper advertisement pricing may not resolve the issue. But rather, placing the advertisement on a local newspaper which is read by most of the people in the region is a right place to advertise.

Such sectors must be taken care by the agencies in order to advice the employers on which is a best platform to advertise their vacancies.

The table depicts the pros and cons on various platforms of advertising.


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