6.1 Here we discussed the alternatives of how to fill a vacancy. The elements includes over time, proper work mechanism, flexibility on hours, part time availability on the job, outsourcing the work and signing an agreement with the agencies of employment.

6.2 Here we discussed about the trends that are used by the employers: Some of them are: hiring agencies of recruitment and executive consultants, recruitment fairs as well as open days. Regional advertising recruitment is highly approachable than national when relocation of a firm is under prompt situations.

6.3 Agencies of advertisement and publications are a key source to successful recruitments of potential applicants for a right job.

6.4 E-recruitment is a revolution but is not effective currently because of the screening errors and procedures and credibility issues.

6.5 Creating a brand image of the company is crucial and effective for a successful recruitment process.

6.6 When an employer increase the specification requirement on the recruitment process, it leads to fewer numbers of potential applicants applying for the position

6.7 shortlisting is a key to recruit right applicants and loosing on the data of candidates who are not suitable for the right position.


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