Well it is tough to shortlist the right candidate for the job in both the conditions: whether there are too less candidates or too many candidates to choose from. Well the reason can be serve intentional as well as unintentional. Intentionally when there is need of bulk hiring or in taking graduates at the end of the year and unintentionally when the specification of the job is inadequate to find in the right candidate.

As such, under such a condition, the management of human resource must come up with the arbitrary strategy to decrease the figures in order to maintain the level that can be managed easily. Such of these strategies include screening the candidates out on the basis of their age, skills of handwriting and their work experience if it does not match the requirement. These strategies are although helpful for the management, but some of the unlawful strategies are not really in favor of the candidates especially if these requirements are not mentioned in the advertisement of the job vacancy. And this leads to unsatisfactory method of recruiting as they might not know which candidate is most appropriate for the position.

And that’s why, the management must keep in cycle the fair judgment which includes an objective system of recruitment which is fair to the candidates and systematic in order to process the cycle of recruitment to the interview platform. In order to witness the same, management can use three most general ways separately or combining together. First is: undertaking the process of shortlisting by choosing the panel of fair management which is also help the candidates to likely prepare for the vacancy which is best suitable for them.

Talking about different stages, they are:

  1. Stage1: The essential criteria must be discussed and agreed within the panel members in terms of shortlisting the correct candidate
  2. Stage2: Once the strategy is decided, the panel members must prepare a list of let’s say 10 candidates on their list. Please focus on whom to include rather than whom to exclude from the list. Such a strategy will help you with positive decision which means you will focus on strengths and not weaknesses on the candidates.
  3. Stage3: Now comes the listing of consensus. If you are performing earlier two stages properly, the list of consensus will be highly professional and will carry a better degree of accuracy and shortlisted candidate who truly deserve.
  4. Stage4: Now panel must discuss their listing in order to prepare the order to candidates under ‘maverick’, ‘possible’ and ‘strong’ for the job vacancy.
  5. Stage5: Now the final step is to prepare the list of final candidates who are selected for the position and next round of interview.

Now talking about the second approach, it is advocated by Roberts and Wood and Payne which includes screening system and comparing the same of each candidate. Under this step, the panel system is just the initial step in the shortlisting process. After the final listing as per the panel system, under this approach, candidates are then screened for grading allocation. Grade A means the most qualified candidates as per their work experience, education performance and evaluation. Grade B is list of those who are slightly lesser in the evaluation process than grade A candidates. Grace C is the list of backups if candidates from grade A and B are rejected or does not agree to the employment terms.

Last but not the least; the third approach includes the involvement of the software systems that helps in shortlisting the candidates using the digital platform. This process is highly dependent on e-recruitment and how the candidates are shortlisted as per the requirement mentioned on the electronic platform. Such a method involved e-forms and application that needs to be filled by the candidates. Those applications are then screened by the panel system judging on their caliber, potential, knowledge and how fast they can fill an e-form. After this process is over, right candidates are then called for second stage of recruitment in the process of shortlisting.


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