Objectives of the Chapter

  • Introduction to a working culture defining the qualities of leadership.
  • Studying the approach taken to leadership.
  • Studying the behavioral aspect of leadership.
  • Exploring heroic and past-heroic leadership examples.
  • Determining a relationship between leadership and motivation.

For the successful working of an organization, the terms ‘leadership’ and ‘motivation’ needs to be clearly understood. There is a need of those employees in the organization who have great personal qualities and can help to bring an extraordinary change in the organization. Even if the employees of the organization do not possess these skills, it can be learnt.

The relationship of motivation and leadership in development was recognized in the second half of the twentieth century. In the recent years, the addition to the study has been on how women are impacting business organizations. The study is based on two assumptions- one is that the business is achieving a steady growth over the years and the second is that the management is based on male norms. But, these two assumptions are getting weaker over the years. With women coming into the scenario of work and forming a significant part of workforce, the thinking of a system of male dominated management is changing.


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