Practical Support – Summary Propositions and General Discussion Topics

Practical Support

Many organizations face troubles with the business when their excellent employees are on absence cycle. If the absence is because of the medical issues, many organizations offer financial help to the employees in order to fasten the process of operation or surgery. Not only that, organizations conduct various types of trainings including stress management and time management programs that helps the employees to relieve stress from their work and focus on what is really required.

Summary Propositions

15.1 It is the country as well the firms which are affected with direct costing as well as performance valuation when the employees continue to increase their level of absence

15.2 It has been noticed that short term absence are generally considered in minor illness category. But in addition to the same, manual workers facing back problems and non-manual workers facing stressful mind are considered to be major reasons for long term absence as well.

15.3 It is important for the employer to understand the cause of absence of the employee. Such a segment helps in decreeing any complexity which might result into complex situations of interrelationships within the firm.

15.4 The policies related to management of attendance generally includes the following segment

General Discussion Topics

  1. If the employees are given the freedom of flexible hours along with additional long holidays, such a platform will help in decreasing the conflict or issues related to responsibilities which are personal as well as work related. And thus, it will help in decreasing the level of absence too. Do you agree on this statement, if yes, then till what extent?
  2. Do you agree that statistics of absence is general under estimating the absence extent in United Kingdom? If yes, then till what extent?
  3. When the employees are encouraged and motivated to be fit in order to increase focus on work and sense of being, do you think it will reduce the level of absence. If yes, till what extent do you support this statement?

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