Accurate Records

A. Accurate Records

It is important for the employer to manage the absence level which is not effective until and unless the accuracy on the picture of absence level is clear to the firm. This also includes the areas that have high level of absence including the reasons that are increasing such level. The aggregate information on the same was successfully surveyed by CIPD in 2003, but the information and data collected from the same was generally designated by public sectors and manufacturing field. Before the year 2001, when the survey was performed by Carlsbery-Tetley on reviews on the absence, it was difficult to understand the clear picture behind the absence of sickness. Before that year, though the data was recorded but no one could really understand the levels of absence and how to monitor the same. And that’s when they decided to structure a method of ‘Brandford Factor’ that included the data information by scoring the absence which included the duration of absence along with common spells of absence used by employees. Figure 15.2, will help you understand the formula of Brandford factor.

These reports of absence are generally reported by the Human resource team of the firm and then forwarded to the line managers of the employees. Such a report helps in understanding the trigger point of the employee with their level of absence and if line managers have to introduce intervention in case of any employee. But how HR thinks might not really be appreciated by the line managers because some of the managers do not even look on those numbers as they believe that this is not the correct manner to evaluate the performance of an employee. Because somewhere, managers are aware if the employees were out and still working or when they came to office on a weekend. And generally, these activities are not noticed by the HR team.

Accurate Records 5

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