Return of Work Interviews and Formal Absence Reviews

Work Interviews and Formal Absence Reviews

Talking about the interviews regarding return of work, such an exercise is encouraged in many firms in order to conduct a successful procedure of attendance. In fact, CIPD once reported by there are over 77 percent firms who are using such method in the year 2003 and was also titled as the most effective method to cover up short term absence of the employees from the firm. Well, the purpose of these interviews varies from firm to firm, but the in general they follow the tone of:

  • Welcoming the employee back to the firm with the updated policies or events in the firm
  • Checking on the health of the employee in order to resume work properly
  • Whether an employee need any support from the firm
  • Reporting the emotion that employee was being missed in the firm
  • Reviewing the record of absence of the employee

But few line managers consider this interview as waste of time as they think that getting back to work was more important than such recriminatory action. It was reported by Dunn and Wilkinson in the year 2002 along with the report of finding few line managers who took this interview pretty seriously as it helped in connecting with the employee in a professional manner. It is important for an employer to help in realizing the importance of the employee and thus such interviews must not be carried in a form of becoming a platform of accusatory.


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