Process and Causes of Absence

Process and Causes

For an employer it is vital to undergo the strategy to prepare a procedure of absence for the employees. If an employee wishes to take a sick leave, for example, they must be aware of the proper procedure on how to apply for the same. There are various organizations that accept a telephonic conversation in terms of emergency. But the most professional segment is to send the email to the employer on the cause of your absence.

Considering two types of absence: Emergency and pre planned, employees are restricted to follow the process to apply for the absence! In case of emergency, as mentioned telephonic conversation is acceptable too. But in terms of pre-planned leave, employees are supposed to inform their line managers as well as the HR team about the reason on when and why do they need a leave from the firm?  Only after the approval, they can plan their leave. The process of each firm is different but a standard restriction of following a email procedure is mandatory in every organizations in UK.

Process and Causes of Absence 2Coming to the causes of the absence, it is mandate to mention the cause of absence to the line manager as well as the HR team. In case an employee is facing medical illness, they might have to prove their cause of absence by presenting medical report form the doctors. In case, the illness is covered into casual format, employer might not ask for a report at all. And then the decision gets pending with the manager in order to decide whether the employee is actually sick or just bluffing. And that brings us to the next session of the process which includes investigation too.

It has been noticed from previous year that employee enjoy some casual leaves but do not really mention the actual cause to their employer. And thus, such an intense and unprofessional segment was then taken seriously by the employer and introduced investigation under the process of absence. Requesting for a sick leave and enjoying in a shopping mall might create severe problems for the employees. And thus, they must be aware of the rules and policies of absence which includes understanding the process of the absence and mentioning genuine causes of the same. Be aware, your employers always have an eye on you!


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