Absence Targets & Benchmarking

Many organizations in order to reduce the absence level of the employees, they are set some targets phrased on the basis of their absence which might lead to reduction in their pay as well. In the year 2003, CIPD, however, discovered that around 90 per cent of the organizations in UK were supporting the fact level of absence can be reduced. But out of which only 50 per cent of the organizations built targets around the same that helped in reducing the absence level of the employees in the firm. And thus, there was a need of an alternative approach for the remaining employers. This alternative approach was to target the line managers of the employees and provide them a set of absence target for each employee that will ultimately affect the performance reviews, evaluation and payment by the firm. This approach was introduced in the year 2001 by Connex IDS. But the employers must not portray a reflection that absence levels are not allowed, but they must restrict the level of absence to a target.

Absence Targets and Benchmarking 6

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