Use of Disciplinary Procedures

Disciplinary Procedures

If an employee is constantly ill and cannot resume work on time, it is the responsibility of the employer to investigate the case properly and let go employee if required. Well, such a disciplinary procedure is difficult but sometimes really essential for a productive business in the firm. And therefore, such a procedure is carried out by the team of Human Resource in order to process the dismissal in the count manner following legal procedures. Well, the following points are a summary of how this procedure is conducted in HR department:

  1. Under the lay of unfair dismissal law, it is fair to dismiss the responsibilities of an employee who is too ill
  2. Before the procedure is followed, a warning to concern must be provided to the employee mentioning the results of dismissal if they do not return back to work on the designated time and period.
  3. An act on medical advice is mandatory.
  4. Most organizations follow the procedure of refraining for 6 months rather than dismissing an employee. But the same cannot be followed if the employee is at a specialized position or senior management.
  5. Under the act of Disability Discrimination 1995, the dismissal procedure cannot be carried out by the employer if the employee comes under the community of disability.

And if an employee is constantly on short term leaves because of medical illness, an investigating is carried out by the employer to understand if the absence is genuine or not. And such a procedure is followed in the same manner as of long term sickness absence. And if the investigation does not follow the reasons mentioned by employee, the employer must warn and threaten the employee on the basis of disciplinary action which must be conducted on earlier stages. And well, it is acceptable by law as well to dismiss if the employee’s absence level is too high and there is no change in the same even after forwarding warning and concerns on the same.

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