Occupational Health Support and Health Promotion

Occupational Health Support and Health Promotion 

It is important for the employers to know what they are getting into. And that’s why they need to scan the health conditions of the employee at the pre-employment screening. The screening is generally preferred in order to analyze the health condition of the employee and if they fall into potential hazard while in their job which might include segments like radiation and if the employee is fit to work under that pressure. In general, the medical screening conducted for the employees generally includes the following routines:

  • Eye test
  • Blood test
  • Hears test
  • Ergonomics
  • Clinical tests
  • Physiotherapies

This screening process also includes consultation service on how employees need to maintain the life style and weight in order to succeed under better health conditions which means they might be asked to avoid habits like drinking or smoking and adopting a fitness lifestyle. This screening is helpful in order to analyze the medical situation of the employee and how to decrease the level of seriousness further more.

When an employee is titled under long-term absence, they are happily treated under the consultation of medical professional by the organization itself as thus, is considered as the essential tool of management. But not every staff is entitled to such services. The medical support by the firm is not restricted to in-house staging and thus is eligible to buy out as well.

Some of the common practices which are available in-house with the organization include medical services under psychologists, physiotherapists and counselors. Counseling related to fitness lifestyle and training includes management of stress is pretty common and widely in action by major organizations on global level. As a matter of fact, these common practices are included in the programmed related to employee engagement and assessment as it helps in relieving work pressure and personal stress at different levels.


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