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It is the line managers in the firm that plays a significant role in realizing the work of absence procedures and decreasing the level of absence in required along with trainings to the employees if a new absence system is reported in the firm. A unique training was introduced by Connex when the firm took the training with managers on how they have to deal with the employees on their absence work in the same way they will be treated by their senior managers. HM customs and Exise, on the other hand, use the digital method by introducing absence systems to the employees through a corporate video that helps in understanding the entire procedure of how the systems work in the firm. Well, the main aim behind this video is that managers must watch the same with their supervisors and conduct the same explanation to their employees after wards. But in doesn’t mean that the process ends here. The video presentation is then followed by a training program as well in order to make sure that managers understand the procedure of absence level, sickness in particular, and how to make the same understood to their employees.

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