Ideal Gas or Perfect Gas

Defining ideal gas

When the colliding molecules or atoms in a gas do not have attractive intermolecular forces in between them but do possess the ideal elastic pull, those gasses are known as perfect or ideal gasses. If the explanation is provided via textual (visual) representation, ideal gasses are represented as a collection of hard spheres which does not connect with each other, but they definitely collide with each other.

Involvement of energy

When the observation is about perfect gasses, internal energy is in the form of a particular kind. You can find the energy as kinetic energy as the change in internal energy is followed by changing temperature.

Characterization of Ideal gas

An ideal gas is explained with the help of 3 variable states. They are:

  • Volume
  • Pressure
  • Absolute temperature

The deduction of the relationship between these 3 variables, which is utilized from the kinetic theory, is termed as ideal gas law.

As per this law, its equation is,


Ideal Gas or Perfect Gas” = C


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