Reversible Adiabatic Process

What is adiabatic process?

When few systems are subjectedtocertain processes where they are thermally insulated without utilizing the heat transferring procedure, that process is known as anadiabatic process.

Defining reversible process

Quantity of transferred heat  entropy change of system

This equation directly defines the meaning of reversible process.

Explaining Reversible adiabatic process

A process that follows both the above procedures (adiabatic and reversible) is known as areversible adiabatic process. This process is isentropic in nature.

Explanation inrelation with thermodynamics

A reversible adiabatic process is stated to be isentropic in nature.Anisentropic process is explained to be adiabatic,and the complete work transfer is frictionless in a system. This process is reversible as matter or heat does not transfer in this process.

Polytropic process

In this process, there is involvement of both work and heat. During the proceedings in case of polytropic processes, computation of heat transfer is mainly based on 2 aspects.


Evaluation of work through steady and open flow process


Assessment of work for closed process with the help of,

  • ʃ v d p
  • ʃ Pdv

Between both, any of the ones can be used.

Reversible Adiabatic Process: procedure to detect the governing equation


Reversible Adiabatic Process 11” = C



Reversible Adiabatic Process 21” = C


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